The prize is right

man headshot

MU photographer receives top honors

Jacob Moscovitch turns time at home during the pandemic into an opportunity to document life unfolding around him and is awarded White House News Association Student Still Photographer of the Year.

Aaron Arredondo

Aaron Arredondo receives dissertation grant

Rebecca Shyu and Brandon Lee

Rebecca Shyu and Brandon Lee named Goldwater Scholars

Ryan Thomas

Ryan Thomas awarded MU Faculty Council Shared Governance Award

Kylie Schatmeyer

Kylie Schatmeyer receives George C. Marshall Leadership Award

stone shamrock sits outside Lafferre Hall  Engineers

College of Engineering recognizes outstanding faculty, staff, students

Suzette Heiman and Ron Kelley

Suzette Heiman and Ron Kelley named Taft Award winners

Melissa Horner

Melissa Horner named Robert Wood Johnson Health Scholar

Emily Leiker and Christina Long

Emily Leiker and Christina Long named Association for Women in Sports Media scholars

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