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April 27, 2023

Nearly 500 University of Missouri students and postdoctoral fellows presented their research and creativity activity during the inaugural Show Me Research Week April 17-21. The week, which celebrated MU students as creators, innovators, problem solvers and thinkers, culminated with an Award and Recognition Ceremony held at the Bond Life Sciences Center.

The following students were recognized for their work during the ceremony, which also praised MU faculty for serving as mentors.

MU Libraries Undergraduate Research Contest

The University Libraries Undergraduate Research Contest recognized and rewarded outstanding research conducted by undergraduate MU students. Undergraduates in any discipline were invited to enter the contest, which was judged by a cross-disciplinary panel of librarians.

  • Jared Rubenstein
  • Sasha Goodnow
Advanced Light Microscopy Core Image Contest

The Advanced Light Microscopy Core announced its annual light microscopy image contest winners. Images taken on any core instrument in the last two years were eligible for the contest. 

  • People’s Choice Award: Teka Khan — Michael Roberts’ Lab
  • Expert’s Choice Award: Jianbin Su — Walter Gassmann’s Lab
  • Best Technically Challenging Image: Garrett Bullock — Gary Johnson’s Lab
2023 Abstract Review Project

The Office of Undergraduate Research, the Campus Writing Program and the Writing Center collaborated to provide feedback to 100 undergraduate students on the quality of their written abstracts and artist statements submitted for the Spring Research and Creative Achievements Forum. 

Social/Behavioral Sciences

  • Emmalyn Gerhardt/Mentor: Amanda Rose
  • Arrionna Sackett/Mentor: Kristin Hawley


  • Sharmarke Khadar and Rachel Henderson/Mentor: Christopher Josey
  • Isabella Reed/Mentor: Lorinda Bradley
  • Josephine Turner/Mentor: Peter Lea

Engineering Sciences

  • Daniel Ferretti/Mentor: Roger Fales

Life Sciences

  • Umer Mallick/Mentor: Aaron Stoker
  • Jamie Baumann and Reiley Heffern/Mentor: Elizabeth King
Forum Presentation Awards

For the Spring Research and Creative Achievements Forum, 285 presenters selected to have their presentations critiqued.

Applied Design


  • First Place, Claire Watkins, Architectural Studies/Mentor: Lyria Bartlett


  • First Place: Jia Wu, Textile and Apparel Management/Mentor: Kerri McBee-Black
  • Second Place: Jayedi Aman, Architectural Studies/Mentor: Jong Bum Kim

Artistic Expression


  • First Place: Abby Blenk, Digital Storytelling/Mentor: Katina Bitsicas
  • Second Place: Sophie Stevens, Digital Storytelling/Mentor: Katina Bitsicas
  • Third Place: Meaghan Fleming, Digital Storytelling/Mentor: Katina Bitsicas


  • First Place: Kara Balthrop, Music/Mentor: Judith Mabary

Behavioral and Social Sciences


  • First Place: Jack Stork, Psychological Sciences/Mentor: Moshe Naveh-Benjamin
  • Second Place: Morgan Shayler, Psychological Sciences/Mentor: John Kerns
  • Third Place: Jocelyn Lamore, Psychological Sciences/Mentor: Ashley Groh


  • First Place: Matthew Farmer, Nursing /Mentor: Kimberly Powell
  • Second Place: Rachel Alexander, Nursing/Mentor: Anne Sales
  • Third Place: Takara Schomberg, Nursing/Mentor: Anne Sales



  • First Place: James Keating, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering/Mentor: Matthew Maschmann
  • Second Place: Chloe Groner, Civil and Environmental Engineering/Mentor: Maryam Salehi
  • Third Place: Kate Barnard, Civil and Environmental Engineering/Mentor: Maryam Salehi


  • First Place: Skyler Kramer, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science/Mentor: Dong Xu
  • Second Place: Shagor Sarkar, Plant Science and Technology/Mentor: Jianfeng Zhou
  • Third Place: Alicia Esquivel Morel, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science/Mentor: Prasad Calyam



  • First Place: Elisha Schoor, Constitutional Democracy/Mentor: Carli Conklin
  • Second Place: Theo Johnson, Communication/Mentor: Christopher Josey
  • Third Place: Ilay Kielmanowicz, History/Mentor: Bradley Nichols


  • First Place: Stephen Czujko, Ancient Mediterranean Studies/Mentor: Susan Langdon
  • Second Place: Mattia D’Acri, Ancient Mediterranean Studies/Mentor: Marcello Mogetta
  • Third Place: Timur Perkov, Management/Mentor: Shannon Breske

Life Sciences


  • First Place: Jillian Voskovitch, Veterinary Pathobiology/Mentor: Monique Lorson
  • Second Place: Grace Johnson, Plant Science and Technology/Mentor: Heike Buecking
  • Third Place: Lorenzo Ceccon, Biological Sciences/Mentor: D Cornelison


  • First Place: Erin Carulli, Obstetrics, Gynecology and Women's Health/Mentor: Wipawee Winuthayanon
  • Second Place: William Schulze, Molecular Microbiology and Immunology/Mentor: Margaret Lange
  • Third Place: James McNew, Veterinary Pathobiology/Mentor: Elizabeth Bryda

Physical and Mathematical Sciences


  • First Place: Elizabeth Conley, Physics and Astronomy/Mentor: Gavin King


  • First Place: Olivia Bongiovi, School of Natural Resources/Mentor: Alba Argerich
  • Second Place: Jacob Moore, School of Natural Resources/Mentor: Alba Argerich
Visual Art and Design Showcase

The 2023 Visual Art and Design Showcase was a venue for Mizzou undergraduate students to display and discuss their scholarly work. The works of 44 students were displayed and featured a variety of artistic expressions and applied designs.

2023 Community Awards

  • Museum of Art and Archaeology Award: Jack Rintoul, Love and Suspense
  • MU Libraries Award: Mara Fenwick, Magic Bubble; and Alyssa Pierson, Tinker and Bell
  • Columbia Art League Award: Hannah Gundlach, Sitting Ducks
  • Jonathan Asher Photography Award: Lilyann Hames, Wear Me Out

2023 Applied Design Awards

  • Grand Prize: Brooke McKee, Tie the Bow
  • Runner-Up: Sydney Flowers, Columbia Performing Art Academy
  • Awards of Merit: Abby Blenk, Entropy of a Memory; and Sydney McClintock, Killing V

2023 Artistic Expression Awards

  • Grand Prize: Danielle Hardy, Golden Air
  • Runner-Up: Kylee Isom, MAKE ME FEEL GOOD
  • Awards of Merit: Jordyn Gobble, A Neighborhood of Idolized Longing; and Krislyn Hollis, Carnevale: An Introspection

Special Jury Recognition

  • Kennedy James, Paper Hearts
  • Darreon Carbin, When Day Breaks and Night Falls
  • Reese Betts, Digital Naiveté
  • Summer Parker, Book of Fears
  • Caycee Roth, Bad-Ass Greeting Cards
  • Alonzo Williams, Refocus

Faculty Mentor Award

  • Kerri McBee-Black, Textile and Apparel Management/Mentor to Brooke McKee
  • Desireé Moore, Visual Studies/Mentor to Danielle Hardy

People’s Choice Award

  • Mara Fenwick, Magic Bubble
Undergraduate Mentor of the Year

Any regular MU faculty member, postdoctoral fellow, graduate student or research staff whose mentee presented their research at the Spring Research and Creative Achievements Forum or the 2023 Visual Art and Design Showcase were eligible for consideration and nominated by their mentee.

2023 Nominees

  • Doctoral student Arghavan Beheshtimaal, Civil Engineering
  • Assistant Professor Donte Bernard, Psychological Sciences
  • Assistant Professor Katina Bitsicas, Visual Studies
  • Professor Doug Bowles, Veterinary Biomedical Studies
  • Assistant Professor Alyssa Carlson, Economics
  • Postdoctoral fellow Ha Duong, Biochemistry
  • Associate Teaching Professor Scott Garson, English
  • Associate Professor Ashley Groh, Psychological Sciences
  • Assistant Professor Jacqueline Limberg, Nutrition and Exercise Physiology
  • Assistant Professor Craig Schenck, Biochemistry
  • Research Professor Aaron Stoker, Orthopaedic Surgery
  • Assistant Teaching Professor Ekincan Ufuktepe, Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences
  • Associate Teaching Professor Fang Wang, Engineering and Information Technology

Undergraduate Mentors of the Year

  • Katina Bitsicas, Assistant Professor, School of Visual Studies
  • Scott Garson, Associate Teaching Professor, Department of English

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