2020-2021 promotions and tenure

March 24, 2022

The Offices of the Chancellor and Provost recently hosted a celebratory reception for faculty members who received promotions and/or tenure in the past two years. Recipients are listed below:

College of Agriculture; Food and Natural Resources
  • Deborah Finke; director of undergraduate programs and professor; Plant Sciences
  • Mauro Palmero; associate teaching professor, hospitality management; Applied Social Sciences
  • Rocío Melissa Rivera; professor; Animal Sciences
  • Michael Stambaugh; associate professor of forest ecology; School of Natural Resources
  • Sonja Wilhelm Stanis; professor; associate director and director of undergraduate studies; School of Natural Resources
College of Arts and Science
  • Ruthie Angelovici; associate professor; Biological Sciences
  • Miriam Barquero-Molina; associate teaching professor; Geological Sciences
  • Elizabeth Behm-Morawitz; professor; Communication
  • John Brockman; associate professor; Chemistry
  • Nicole Campione-Barr; professor; Psychological Sciences
  • Calin Chindris; professor; Mathematics
  • Amanda Durbak; associate teaching professor; Biological Sciences
  • John Evelev; professor; English
  • John Brian Houston; professor; Communication
  • Steven Jepson; associate teaching professor; School of Music
  • Stephen Karian; professor; English
  • Cory Koedel; professor; Economics
  • Kimberly McCaffrey; teaching professor; English
  • Marcello Mogetta; associate professor; Ancient Mediterranean Studies
  • Erin Schliep; associate professor; Statistics
  • Victoria Shaffer; professor; Psychological Sciences
  • Justin Walensky; professor; Chemistry
  • Laron Williams; professor; The Harry S Truman School of Government and Public Affairs
  • Dominic Yang; associate professor; History
College of Education and Human Development
  • Wesley Bonifay; associate professor; Educational, School and Counseling Psychology
  • Matthew Easter; associate teaching professor; Educational, School and Counseling Psychology
  • Candace Kuby; associate provost for faculty success (Office of the Provost); professor (Learning, Teaching and Curriculum)
  • Leigh Neier; teaching professor; Learning, Teaching and Curriculum
  • Laura Zangori; associate professor; Learning, Teaching and Curriculum
College of Engineering
  • Christopher Gubera; associate professor of professional practice; Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  • John Erik Loehr; professor; Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
  • Brian David Mauerer; associate professor of professional practice, director of information technology program; Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  • Fang Wang; associate teaching professor; Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
College of Veterinary Medicine
  • Dae-Young Kim; clinical professor; Veterinary Pathobiology
  • Angela Royal; associate clinical professor; Veterinary Pathobiology
Missouri School of Journalism
  • Jackie Bell; professor, professional practice; Journalism Professions
  • Mark Horvit; professor, professional practice; Journalism Professions
  • Brett G. Johnson; associate professor; Journalism Studies
  • Amy Simons; professor, professional practice; Journalism Studies
School of Health Professions
  • Claire Altman; associate professor; Health Sciences
  • Botswana Blackburn; teaching professor and associate chair; Health Sciences
  • Anita Campbell; associate teaching professor; Physical Therapy
  • Hye Jeong Choi; associate professor; Health Sciences
  • Hsun-Ta Hsu; associate professor; Social Work
  • William Janes; associate clinical professor; Occupational Therapy
  • Elizabeth Kelley; associate professor; Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences
  • Mili Kuruvilla-Dugdale; associate professor; Speech, Language and hearing Sciences
  • Dana Martin; teaching professor; Physical Therapy
  • Virginia Ramseyer Winter; associate professor; Social Work
  • Aaron Thompson; director and professor, School of Social Work; Social Work
  • Timothy Wolf; associate dean for research (School of Health Professions); professor (Occupational Therapy)
School of Law
  • Anne Alexander; teaching professor of law; School of Law
School of Medicine
  • Aript Aggarwal; associate professor; Psychiatry
  • Humera Ahsan; professor; Radiology
  • Sarah Calhoun; associate professor; Family and Community Medicine
  • Raul Castillo; associate professor; Anesthesiology
  • David Chang; professor; Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery
  • Gregory Della Rocca; professor; Orthopaedic Surgery
  • Nicholas Golda; professor; Dermatology
  • Laura Henderson-Kelley; associate dean for diversity and inclusion, associate professor; General Internal Medicine
  • Brian Hensel; associate teaching professor; Health Management and Informatics
  • Laura Hesemann; associate professor; Child Health – Nephrology
  • Cheryl Hill; associate teaching professor; Pathology and Anatomical Sciences
  • Quinn Johnson; professor; Anesthesiology
  • Scott Kinkade; professor; Family and Community Medicine
  • Vanessa Kuwajima; assistant professor; Medicine – Gastroenterology
  • Melissa Lawson; professor; Child Health – Adolescent
  • Katsiaryna Lazuik, associate professor; Pathology and Anatomical Sciences
  • Guangfu Li; associate professor; Surgery
  • Natalie Long; associate professor; Family and Community Medicine
  • Shamita Misra; professor; Family and Community Medicine
  • Puja Nistala; associate professor; Medicine – Hematology and Oncology
  • Carisa Petris; associate professor; Ophthalmology
  • Farhan Siddiq; associate professor; Surgery – Neurosurgery
  • James Stensby; associate professor; Radiology
  • Melissa Terry; associate professor; Obstetrics, Gynecology and Women’s Health
  • Ebby Varghese; associate professor; Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
  • Todd Vogel; professor; Surgery – Vascular
  • Iris Zachary; associate professor; Health Management and Informatics
Sinclair School of Nursing
  • Nancy Michele Birtley; associate teaching professor; Nursing
  • Laurel A Despins; associate teaching professor; Nursing
Trulaske College of Business
  • Frederick Bereskin; associate professor; Finance
  • Adam Yore; associate professor; Finance
University Libraries
  • Edward McCain; digital curator of journalism; Health and Specialized Library
University of Missouri Extension
  • Heather Conrow; associate extension professional; Livestock
  • Kelly McGowan; associate extension professional; Horticulture
  • Jennifer Schutter; extension professional; Horticulture

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