Shakespeare’s tidbits and toppings

Bill Shakespeare
What’s in a name?

Original Shakespeare’s owners believed the Bard’s branding would lend an erudite essence to the pizzeria they imagined proliferating in college towns nationwide.

By the numbers

Pepperoni slices since the beginning of time (1973)

* 150,520,069

Employees since the beginning of time (1973)

* 12,569

Number of large pizzas the first-string crew can crank out every 18.5 minutes, all locations combined

* 168


* 1,916,250 pounds


*512,983 coffee-can-sized cans


* 2,612,001 pounds


* 1,314,333 Shake’s cups

Frozen pizzas

* 1,877,326

Best customer pseudonymsused for pick-up pizza orders
cartoon man yelling

*[insert name of current popular sports coach here]

* [insert profane reference to opposing sports team here] 

*Travis Bickle

*Arthur Fonzarelli

*The Gipper

*Hall and Oates

*Chuck E. Cheese

*Salacious Crumb

*Baby Spice

*George “T-bone” Costanza

*Marsellus Wallace

*Free  — i.e.,
“Pizza for Free”
(this one is a
major pain)

Three-way tie
*Gary Pinkel
*Norm Stewart
*Don Faurot

*Shakespeare’s pizza pulled these numbers/names out of their … ear. They make no claims whatsoever about their accuracy, tho they are a best, but foggy, guesstimation.

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