Saturdays in CoMo

Mizzou football stadium
Fall 2023 had its share of sensational Saturdays in CoMo. Photo by Mizzou Visual Productions
Todd McCubbin
Photo by Sam O’Keefe

Published on Show Me Mizzou Jan. 10, 2024

On game days, I frequently park at the Reynolds Alumni Center and weave my way to the stadium, navigating through campus and Greektown. I pause at various tailgates, connecting with alumni and friends while forging new bonds with Tiger fans. The palpable hospitality and sense of community make this ritual one of the highlights of my job.

Approaching the stadium, my attention is usually captivated by the imposing video board, and my heartbeat quickens. The feeling of being home never fades. However, during one early game this season, as I crested the hill, the sight of the large south scoreboard brought me to a momentary halt. It read, simply, “Saturday in CoMo.” Within those three words, though, is an entire universe.

As Tigers, few days rival the significance of football Saturdays. The tailgates, reunions, traditions and the collective roar of 60,000 fans create an extraordinary experience. These Saturdays unite the state of Missouri and our alumni base around the world. I deliberately take the scenic route to campus on these days, meandering through downtown and Ninth Street to fully absorb the atmosphere. Couple that with the first and finest Homecoming on one gameday each season, and you have the epitome of the college town experience.

The past season was a remarkable collection of Saturdays. Surpassing all expectations, the Tigers played lights out — although we did “light the dome” a bunch! We discovered players with compelling storylines and witnessed five consecutive sellouts, a feat not achieved in recent memory. What a joy.

To all who made Saturdays in CoMo special, thank you. Your support and pilgrimages contribute to making Mizzou an extraordinary place. Your alumni association membership in 2023 undeniably Made Mizzou Stronger, and I’m grateful. I can’t wait to see what the Mizzou family will achieve in ’24!! 

Take care and M-I-Z!

Todd McCubbin, M Ed ’95
Executive Director, Mizzou Alumni Association 
X (formerly Twitter): @MizzouTodd

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