Mizzou’s own Mad Max

Test your vocabulary and knowledge of Mizzou in this game constructed especially for alumni.

crossword puzzle
Many clues relate to Mizzou. Others fill in to make the puzzle work. Scroll down for answer key. Puzzle by Myles Mellor.

Published on Show Me Mizzou Sept. 4, 2023


1. Alum nicknamed “Mad Max” in the MLB
5. Recent Nobelist, a retired faculty member
8. Arriving soon
10. Rivalry that started the Homecoming tradition
13. Required freshman wear up to World War II
14. Chase Coffman’s position for the Tigers, tight ___
15. Graduate who was executive chairman of Comerica Inc. ___ Babb
17. New prefix
19. Dr. Z’s title
22. In earlier days, item grabbed when freshmen walked in the Quad
24. Musical scale note
26. Tennis great, Arthur
27. Prosecutor, for short
28. Governor who rebuilt the Quad
31. Family member
33. If you rub it, you should get an A
34. How to speak when passing under the Memorial Union Tower
36. Time period
37. Former MLB player and Mizzou alum, ___ Kinsler
38. Alum who hit the big time starring in A River Runs Through It
40. Engineering symbol in stone
43. Calcium symbol
45. Much heard feature of Switzler Hall
46. Alum who sang “All I Wanna Do”
48. Scarf
49. Couple
52. First name of an iconic American writer who ate at the chancellor’s residence
53. It became known as Peace Park after the Kent State shootings


1. Benefit
2. Passed down
3. Tigers crowd sound
4. Former
5. Bench player
6. Alums do at Homecoming
7. Alum who became famous when he wrote The Glass Menagerie
9. Old form of you
11. Tolstoy heroine
12. Goalie stat
16. Spanish greeting
18. 1, 3 or 5
19. Speaker’s platform
20. Expression of relief
21. Mizzou rivals
22. “ … of thy noble ___” : words on the Traditions Plaza steps
23. Language part of a Mizzou classics major
25. Alum, Sally___ Salsano, producer of Jersey Shore
29. Oboes and bassoons
30. Enduring Mizzou symbols, The ___
32. Oldest classroom building on campus, ___ Hall
35. Cap, for example
39. Philosopher, William of ___, of “Razor” fame
41. Question from a Maneater editor perhaps
42. Beginning
44. Pavarotti solo
45. Comic hit
47. The Lord of the Rings evil warrior
50. Place, abbr.
51. French for gold

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