Intramural sports help students connect

Friendly, fun and competitive experiences abound through MizzouRec’s array of athletic opportunities.

students play basketball at the rec

April 21, 2022

Open to anyone with a MizzouRec membership, intramural sports are a great way to have fun, keep fit and get involved on campus. Players can form or join teams or sign up as free agents year-round in nine different indoor and outdoor sports. Whereas club sports teams play other colleges or universities, intramural sports teams play each other.

For Faith Rackers, a junior whose flag football team recently won its league championship, the experience taught her about teamwork, strategy and perseverance.

“The first game, we struggled,” Rackers said. “Through intramural sports, we were able to have an amazing experience. Sports brings out that energy and brings you out of your shell.”

Before transferring to the University of Missouri, first-year law student Jared Gillen competed in the MLB Draft League, a summer baseball league used by Major League Baseball to see draft-eligible players in action before the MLB Draft.

Some players make it. Gillen, unfortunately, was one of the ones who didn’t. However, intramural basketball gave him an outlet to feed his sports passion.

“It might not be as serious,” Gillen said. “But it’s still fun to tap into that competitive nature. Plus, it’s a nice way to group up with your buddies and blow off some steam.”

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