Coming together for veterans

Law and medical students team up at the Mizzou Law Veterans Clinic to secure disability benefits for Missouri veterans.


Consiglio: Since the MU School of Law Veterans Clinic opened in 2014, the clinic has helped more than 600 veterans receive disability compensation benefits and has secured more than $10 million in disability benefits for veterans.

Now, clinic director Angela Drake says a new partnership between law students at MU’s School of Law and fourth-year medical students at the MU School of Medicine will help with reviewing medical records and providing guidance on medical issues, which will boost the clinic’s ability to advocate for and support veterans.

Drake: “We pair motivated and passionate law students with veterans who need help with VA disability appeals and discharge upgrades. Last semester, we had several fourth-year medical students come over, and they were enormously helpful. This coming year, we already have 12 fourth-year medical students signed up to help us again, and , I can’t think of a better way to teach law students and medical students, and help veterans, by this partnership, it is extraordinary.”

Consiglio: Drake says the goal of the clinic is to give back to those who served our country fighting overseas.

Drake: “We do our work on behalf of a grateful nation. These are people who were willing to pay the ultimate sacrifice for our country, that is a pretty big deal, so it is a honor and a privilege to be able to help them.”

Consiglio: Drake added the partnership also symbolizes the university’s efforts to serve Missourians throughout the state.

Drake: “We are a land grant university, we are here to serve people in Missouri. We are fortunate to have a law school and a medical school on campus, to be able to provide the expertise that we have here at Mizzou is what it is all about being a land grant university. I’m so thrilled that the medical school has been so willing to embark on this adventure with us because it has been nothing but good for everybody, from the veterans to the med student to the law student.”

Consiglio: For more on this partnership, visit I’m Brian Consiglio, with a spotlight on Mizzou.

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