A Tiger in Times Square

Textile and apparel management student Lexie Schrock represented Mizzou at this year’s New York Fashion Week. Read what she learned from the hands-on experience.

Feb. 22, 2022
Contact: Deidra Ashley,

When University of Missouri student Lexie Schrock began her college career, her goal was to become a doctor. Self-discovery and a passion for fashion soon turned her into a textile and apparel management (TAM) student — and landed her in the middle of this year’s New York Fashion Week event. Schrock, a senior, was handpicked to represent MU alongside 21 of the best fashion students in the U.S.

Each year, CLC, the university’s licensing agent, selects schools from across the country to participate in a hands-on learning program, U of NYFW. Schools choose a representative who will get an up-close look at the inner workings of the fashion industry. “Our partnership with CLC provides us with many opportunities at the national level that we might not otherwise have access to," said Sonja Derboven, director of licensing and brand management at MU and CLC liaison. “U of NYFW is one of those great opportunities, and it gives Mizzou students a chance to participate in a unique hands-on learning experience.”

To secure her place as MU's ambassador, Schrock authored an essay about the various obstacles she overcame while discovering her dedication to fashion. “Lexie is a great representative of Missouri,” Derboven said. “She's a young woman who came from a small town and had some challenges along the way. But she overcame those challenges and really has a vision of where she wants to go.”

In the Department of Textile and Apparel Management, Schrock is known for being a peer mentor and for getting to know her professors. “Lexie is so respectful, and she has such a high level of integrity,” said assistant professor Kerri McBee-Black. “She is serious about her education and coursework — she consistently tries to challenge herself.”

  • Lexie Schrock sits in a purple-and-blue lit fashion show
    Senior Lexie Schrock said she was flooded with emotion while sitting in on her first show at Fashion Week. “I felt so grateful in that moment,” she said. “Even people who live in New York can go their whole lives and never go to a fashion show ever. I can’t tell you how amazing it was.”
Learning under the bright lights

Schrock and her peers traveled to New York City on a whirlwind tour Feb. 10-13. While there, Schrock attended events including a Q&A session with YouTube makeup guru Patrick Starr, an exhibit of Christian Dior’s creations, an exclusive fashion show of South Korean designer Son Jung Wan and more. Schrock also had the opportunity to expand her own fashion skills through hands-on activities around the city.

One of her favorite experiences involved building a personal outfit strictly from different thrift shops in Brooklyn.

“Everyone made an outfit that represented who they are and we shared those outfits with each other,” Schrock said. “It reminded me that one of the best parts of being involved in the fashion industry is that we get to provide clothing for all kinds of people so they can express their true selves."

The students also had an opportunity to work on an original brand in the comfort of designer Kyle Garcia’s personal apartment. The founder of the luxury jewelry brand tasked the students with creating a collage to reflect how they view themselves and their style. “My personal branding for this exercise focused largely on the idea that fashion is meant for everyone," Schrock said. "Many of the projects I have worked on at Mizzou have revolved around this idea, too. The feedback I received was overwhelmingly positive as our mentors mentioned the industry is headed in a more inclusive and sustainable direction."

Fashion forward

Now back on campus, Schrock said she is eager to take the lessons she learned during Fashion Week and put them into practice in her studies at Mizzou.

“I feel like New York Fashion Week really gave me insight into just how many jobs — and different types of jobs — there are in the fashion industry," Schrock said. “It was so encouraging to see how many of the skills I’ve learned at Mizzou through the TAM program are directly transferrable to the actual fashion industry.”

Schrock said that she recognizes if she had never switched schools or majors, her story would be vastly different. She encourages anyone who is not happy where they are to make their dreams a reality.

“If you want to do something, go for it because you’ll never know what it will lead to,” she said. “When I came to Mizzou, I was determined to be successful, do well and make connections. I truly believe that the TAM program and professors gave me the added tools to succeed. Now, thanks to Mizzou and the NYFW program I feel more confident in myself and my abilities to enter the fashion industry and make a real difference.”

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