A powerhouse turns 100

The University of Missouri Combined Cooling Heat and Power Plant turns 100 in 2023, continuing its support of MU’s focus on sustainability.

University of Missouri's Combined Cooling, Heat and Power Plant

University of Missouri's Combined Cooling Heat and Power Plant

Dec. 19, 2022
Contact: Uriah Orland, 573-882-6212, uriah.orland@missouri.edu

The University of Missouri Combined Cooling Heat and Power Plant (CCHP) is revving up for its 100th anniversary on Jan. 3, 2023. CCHP is a strong partner in the university’s sustainability efforts.

Here are 10 facts about CCHP and sustainability at Mizzou:

  • The plant provides steam, electricity, drinking water, chilled water and utility distribution to more than 16 million gross square feet of campus buildings.
  • There are more than 26 miles of underground piping systems on campus that provide heating, sterilization, cooling, humidification and other thermal energy uses.
  • There are five pumping stations across campus that distribute drinking water to storage reservoirs where the water is disinfected and then pumped through a 30-mile piping system to campus buildings.
  • Up to 40% of the energy MU uses each year comes from renewable sources that include biomass, wind power and solar.
  • The transition to renewable biomass and cleaner natural gas has reduced MU’s use of coal by 97% since 2008.
  • All new university buildings and renovations include lighting that is 100% LED.
  • MU has lowered its annual greenhouse gas emissions by more than 62% since 2008.
  • Water consumption at MU has dropped 52% in the past 20 years thanks to more efficient fixtures, changes in cooling systems and new technologies to reuse and recycle water.
  • MU was recognized in 2017 by the EPA’s Green Power Partnership as a national leader in the application of renewable energy serving the campus.

MU utilities map showing 30.2 miles of water pipes, 23.6 miles of chilled water lines, 58.8 circuit miles for electricity, 26.6 miles of steam pipe and 24.5 miles of condensate pipe; as of 2022.

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