A new home for an important service

The MU Counseling Center recently moved to Strickland Hall. Learn more about the new space and what went into its design.

  • the counseling center's front doors

Nov. 1, 2022
Contact: Deidra Ashley,

The University of Missouri Counseling Center has a new home on the fourth floor of Strickland Hall, a centrally located building that students can find and navigate easily.

“The new location is more convenient for our students, and it also provides confidentiality for those who utilize our services,” said Christine Even, director of the Counseling Center.

The Strickland Hall space features all new furnishings, three group therapy rooms, conference rooms and space for Counseling Center clients engaging in telehealth services.

To help ensure the new space meets students’ needs in its move from Parker Hall to Strickland, the Counseling Center brought in student leaders to consult. Members of the Missouri Students Association, the Mizzou Disability Coalition and Graduate Professional Council provided feedback on everything including the wall color, signage and representation found in the office’s artwork and brochures.

Former Missouri Students Association President Landon Brickey was one of the student leaders consulted on the project. He said he had used the services of the Counseling Center before its relocation and is excited about the move. “The layout and the aesthetic renovations make the space feel much more welcoming,” he said.

Along with the new space, the Counseling Center has also hired more staff members.

“It’s important that we have staff members who reflect our student body,” Even said. “Many of our students want to talk with someone who looks like them and who understands their lived experience. As we add more professionals to our staff, we try to build on the diversity we already have.”

To utilize Counseling Center services, students can call 573-882-6601 to schedule a brief screening appointment. They are then scheduled to meet with a clinician within 24 to 72 hours. Screening appointments take place in-person at the Counseling Center, and students can choose between in-person or telehealth counseling after their initial evaluation.

“I think more students will realize that mental health is something they should be thinking about just as much as schoolwork,” Brickey said.

By accessing Counseling Center services now, Even added, students develop the tools they need for self-care moving forward. “Everyone’s going to struggle at some point,” she said. “Regardless of what’s going on, the Counseling Center is here to help.”

Story written by Jesse Berlin

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