University of Missouri celebrates grand opening of the Roy Blunt NextGen Precision Health building

The building anchors the NextGen initiative, which will accelerate critical health care discoveries and treatments.

Oct. 29, 2021


Brian Consiglio: On October 19th, the University of Missouri celebrated the grand opening of the Roy Blunt NextGen Precision Health building. The $221 million and 265,000-square -foot facility will be home to lifesaving research with some of the most advanced technology in the state.

National Institutes of Health Director Francis Collins attended the grand opening and gave a guest lecture about the groundbreaking research that will be happening within the facility. He said the facility is opening at the perfect time.

Collins: “Biomedical research has never been more exciting than right now. It’s the right time and this will clearly be one of the best places to live out those dreams, and I’m glad I got a chance to come and see a little bit of it.”

Consiglio: The researchers aim to use the state-of-the art equipment within to find solutions to some of the most urgent challenges in health care, including cancer, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and others. Collins says he believes the facility will help the researchers attain these goals.

Collins: “I know all of you at this institution and who will work in this incredible Roy Blunt NextGen Precision Health building have hopes that what you are doing will actually save lives, prevent suffering, or I don’t think you would be doing what you’re doing. The action that’s going to happen here at Mizzou in this remarkable facility, with all the collaborations around it will be a reason for that hope to become reality.”

Consiglio: For more on the Roy Blunt Precision Health NextGen Building, visit

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