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May 5, 2021

When junior Grace Hayden needed help with a class last spring, she tried Tiger Tutors. After one session, she was hooked.

“I went for a full year, pretty much twice a week, every week,” Hayden said. “I think I got a better grade in my classes because I went to tutoring.”

Hayden met upper-level students who received good grades in the same class and helped her understand the key concepts.

Tiger Tutors offers group drop-in tutoring sessions for more than 40 classes in accountancy, algebra, biological and life sciences, calculus, chemistry, economics, physics, Spanish and statistics.

Students meet with tutors in small groups via Zoom to ask questions, review materials and discuss course content.

Tiger Tutor Lindsi Wilfing said that compassion is the key to tutoring.

“We’re also students,” she said. “It’s nice for other students to know that I struggled in the same areas that they are struggling.”

Tiger Tutors teach more than course content. They help students to become more academically skilled overall.

“We’re hoping that the experiences they’ve had in Tiger Tutors, the examples that they see led by tutors, and the processes and the thinking that we go through, they can apply to different courses in the future,” Wilfing said.

Students looking for help with classes can visit the Tiger Tutors webpageemail the Learning Center or call 573-882-2493.

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