MU Research Reactor to supply radioisotope for targeted cancer therapy

The University of Missouri Research Reactor (MURR®) has entered into an exclusive multi-year agreement with Advanced Accelerator Applications International to provide a key ingredient in a targeted therapy for certain types of cancerous tumors.

Feb. 12, 2021


Consiglio: Cancer is one of the scariest words in the English language. And for good reason, too, as it is the third leading cause of death in the United States. However, in a new collaboration, the University of Missouri is helping save and ease the lives of cancer patients.

The University of Missouri research reactor, or MURR, will now be providing a key ingredient to advanced accelerator applications international, or triple a, a pharmaceutical company, to bring targeted radio therapy to cancer patients. Targeted radio therapy can specifically target and kill cancer cells, limiting negative side effects. MURR executive director David Robertson says that this innovative treatment could go a long way in helping cancer patients.

Robertson: “The overall goal of the targeted radiotherapy is to improve the lives of cancer patients, extending their life, and doing so in such a way that doesn't have the terrible side effects associated with other types of cancer treatments.”

Consiglio: Not only will the treatment help improve the lives of cancer patients, but Robertson also says the partnership with triple a will help the university overall as well.

Robertson: “This partnership will provide significant revenues to the reactor and to the university which we will then invest in our research mission, in particular in supporting the NextGen precision health initiative, as the University of Missouri seeks to continue our benchtop to bedside work to bring new treatments and therapies to patients in Missouri and throughout the nation.

Consiglio: I’m Brian Consiglio with a Spotlight on Mizzou.

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