MizzouRec: New look, new feel

Student-recommended changes help make MizzouRec more inclusive and accessible.

Division of Student Affairs employees and MizzouRec student staff pose in front of the tiger mosaic art installation in the MizzouRec

Oct. 26, 2021

If you’ve been to The Rec lately, you’ve probably noticed a few changes. The MizzouRec team is acting on students’ recommendations to make the facility more attractive and inclusive for students with disabilities and diverse backgrounds.

“MizzouRec provides programs and services that can contribute to each student’s well-being, and that’s what we aim to do,” said MizzouRec Director Stephen Byrd.

Byrd and his team began meeting with student groups in fall 2020 to discuss barriers and opportunities for change. Some of the changes that have already been implemented include replacing artwork, updating workout equipment and improving signage. The project is expected to run through January 2023.

“MizzouRec is a facility for all students, with disabilities and without, so I think it’s very important that all of the campus community has the same accessibility,” said senior Mckenzie Knapp, a member of the Mizzou Disability Coalition.

Knapp said MizzouRec is on the right track by listening to and collaborating with students. “Students’ opinions matter,” she said. “The space is there for us, so we can make the space what we want it to be.”

Missouri Students Association President Landon Brickey also saw the benefit of more representational images. Students may think, “‘If I belong on the walls, I belong in here,’” he said.

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