Art on (a really big) display

The Artist in Residence program will bring some of the Museum of Art and Archaeology’s works outside this week for larger-than-life projections.

photo of a piece of art being projected on the side of a building at night

Nov. 3, 2021
Contact: Nathan Byrne,

For three evenings this week, the outside of the University of Missouri’s Agriculture Building will transform into a giant canvas of sorts.

In Focus: Museum Without Walls is a collaboration between the Artist in Residence Program (AIR) and MU’s Museum of Art and Archaeology. From 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. on Nov. 4-6, a selection of the museum’s art will be projected on the west-facing façade of the Agriculture Building.

As one of the five principal members of Mizzou’s Artist in Residence program, the Museum of Art and Archaeology has been involved behind the scenes since the program’s founding in 2018. The interpretive captions providing context for each of the projected works come from years of student research resulting from the museum’s close partnerships with multiple departments.

“We are delighted and honored to have the museum and remarkable works from its collection being the features of this project with AIR,” said Alisa McCusker, the museum’s curator of European and American art. “These large projections highlight some stunning works representing diverse cultural identities and historical periods. As monumental images, viewers will see familiar favorites from the collection in a whole new light.”

The outdoor display format is nothing new to the Artist in Residence team. They previously showcased In Focus: Poetry in Sept. 2020, followed by a #TigersSupportTigers collaboration that featured alumna and artist in residence Cynthia Perez, along with works created by students. One of the goals of these efforts is to develop audiences by cultivating the desire to see more. This is especially important for the Museum of Art and Archaeology while it's closed for relocation to Ellis Library.

“We really hope that everyone will make a mental note to visit the Museum of Art and Archaeology when their galleries reopen to see the works in-person,” said Marie Nau Hunter, coordinator of the Artist in Residence program. “As fun as these billboard-sized projections are, they're no replacement for seeing the real thing.”

AIR is a program of the College of Arts and Science and a collaboration of the Museum of Art and Archaeology, School of Music, Department of Theatre, School of Visual Studies and Department of English. Working together, these principals have focused the program’s mission on inviting established and emerging artists to MU to celebrate the arts and cultivate creativity across disciplines. AIR helps position MU as a national leader in supporting the arts and building a creative economy. The program is a special initiative of the Office of the Chancellor.

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