Tips for the school year: Julie Benard

MU Health Care's Julie Benard offers tips on helping children adjust to the new school year, whether it's online or in person.

August 21, 2020



Brian Consiglio: As children and teens throughout Missouri prepare to start classes this fall, many parents are wondering how they can help their children adjust to the unique school year, whether it’s online or in person. University of Missouri Health Care pediatrician Julie Benard says it's important that parents keep their children on a steady routine.

Benard: “We want kids to go to bed at about the same time every night. We want them to be keeping up with good bedtime routines, and we also want them to be waking up at about the same time that they would for school. That also means that we want them to be eating at about the same time they would during their school day as well.”

Consiglio: Eating three meals a day is another important part of maintaining that routine, but having a routine doesn’t change the fact that this school year may feel different from others. For that reason Benard says it’s key to check in on your children’s mental health from time to time as well.

Benard: “Say, you know, how are you feeling today? Are you feeling stressed or worried about anything? Sometimes if we can just get kids to talk about their feelings, then that negates any need for emotional eating because they work through their feelings in a healthier manner.”

Consiglio: Benard also recommends that parents with students working from home making a list of activities and place it on the pantry or refrigerator to ward off boredom while at home.

Consiglio: I’m Brian Consiglio with a Spotlight on Mizzou.

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