Timeless and true

Meet the trio of Tigers leading the Mizzou Alumni Association’s 2020 Homecoming Steering Committee.

Extended MU Homecoming celebration

The Mizzou Alumni Association announced an extended Mizzou Homecoming celebration due to the Mizzou Football vs. Vanderbilt game being postponed. Mizzou Homecoming royalty will now be crowned during the Oct. 31 home game against Kentucky. Learn more about Homecoming celebrations


Oct. 13, 2020

female student portrait

Macyn McClurg

Macyn McClurg, '21

Chemical engineering major from Agency, Missouri

Favorite class: Differential Equations. I am a huge math nerd!

Homecoming theme means to me: Now, more than ever, we recognize Mizzou students’ resilience and determination. Timeless and True encompasses that.

My best idea as a director: Having Chipotle cater our retreat

Proudest of: My little brother. At 17, he has become such an awesome human being.

Biggest surprise about college life: How fast it flies by

Can’t live without: Coffee definitely makes me a better person.

Deal breaker in a romance: Chewing on fingernails

First purchases with lottery winnings: Golden retriever puppies, and, if there was enough left over, a house

Biggest weakness: I get so focused that I can be a bit forgetful.

Dream job: Patent lawyer, which combines problem-solving, logistical analysis and the need to be personable

Favorite game: Poker. I feel tough playing it.

I relax: Taking walks and hikes totally calms me down.

Perfect day: Sunny, 70, no class, no homework

Would love to read the mind of: My dog. I think he would have a lot to say.


male student portrait

John Yeager

John Yeager, '21

Accounting major from St. Charles, Missouri

Self-description: Charismatic, relatable, intuitive

Homecoming theme means to me: Timeless and True means the values Mizzou is built on will remain strong and that much work needs to be done to stay true to those values.

My best idea as a director: Communitywide dome lighting event

Most exciting MU experience: Walking onto the field at last year’s Homecoming in a packed stadium

Ultimate dinner companion: My roommate Billy always has good stories, and he eats as quickly as I do.

Always wanted to: Skydive

A casual friend would never guess: I drive a truck.

Splurges: Dinner with my girlfriend and gifts at Christmas

Most important quality in a friend: Supportiveness

First purchases with lottery winnings: A weekend lake house and Jet Ski

Superpower I’d like to have: Teleportation. I’d wake up later for classes, save on plane tickets and never be late for anything.

I relax: Sitting by a pool when it is nice out, or staying indoors and watching a movie or a Netflix series

Obsession: Harry Potter

Favorite game: Catch Phrase. It always causes arguments.


female student portrait

Rebecca Shyu

Rebecca Shyu, '22

Computer science major from Columbia, Missouri

Self-description: Dedicated, reliable, compassionate

Involved in Homecoming because: To give back to the community that raised me. Homecoming puts something magical in the air.

Most challenging thing about being a director: Doing everything via Zoom

My best idea as a director: Taking naps between meetings

Proudest of: Being part of the 2019 Blood Drive Committee where we collected over 3,300 units of blood

Most exciting experience: Kayaking to a glacier in Alaska. Everything was so calm and surreal.

Ultimate dinner companion: Ruth Bader Ginsburg because of her tenacity and dedication to paving endless possibilities for women

Can’t live without: My phone!

A casual friend would never guess: I can do the splits.

Biggest fear: Spiders. You just never know what they’ll do next.

Splurges: Food and frozen custard

Would never: Own a cat. I’ve never met a nice cat.

First crush: Zac Efron

I relax: Cooking with friends

Favorite quote: “The most damaging phrase in the language is, ‘We’ve always done it this way.’ ” — Rear Adm. Grace Hopper

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