Developing student leaders

CAFNR’s Litton Leadership Scholars Program offers students a chance to grow as leaders.

Sept. 30, 2020

Since 2012, 182 College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources (CAFNR) students have gone through the Litton Leadership Scholars Program. Made possible by the Jerry Litton Family Memorial Foundation, the program offers students the opportunity to become part of a year-long leadership development experience that challenges them to lead while on campus and their future career fields.

“It’s incredibly exciting to bring these young leaders together and have them connect and work together to develop their leadership skills even further,” said Jon Simonsen, an associate professor of agricultural education and leadership. “Their careers have taken them all over the place, and it’s exciting to see how the skills they learned through this program have helped them succeed.”

The 2020-2021 Litton Leadership Scholars cohort members are:

  • Hannah Anderson – Agribusiness Management – Cole Camp, Mo.
  • Sydney Baxter – Agricultural Education and Leadership – Chillicothe, Mo.
  • Elizabeth Brooks – Agricultural Education and Leadership – Ashland, Mo.
  • Brody Brown – Animal Science – Rolla, Mo.
  • Kensie Darst – Agricultural Education and Leadership – Aurora, Mo.
  • Evan Davidson – Agricultural Education and Leadership – Hartsburg, Mo.
  • Megan Edwards – Agricultural Education and Leadership – Salisbury, Mo.
  • Alexandra Gast – Agricultural Education and Leadership – Nevada, Mo.
  • Caroline Green – Animal Science – Troy, Mo.
  • Jessica Janorschke – Agribusiness Management – St. Joseph, Mo.
  • Drew Kientzy – Agribusiness Management – Silex, Mo.
  • Brenden Kleiboeker – Animal Science – Stotts City, Mo.
  • Jacob Knaebel – Agricultural Education and Leadership – Jefferson City, Mo.
  • Natalie Koch – Agricultural Education and Leadership – Belle, Mo.
  • Kirby Latimer – Animal Science – Hunnewell, Mo.
  • Kaylee Lewis – Biochemistry – Chillicothe, Mo.
  • Rachael Love – Agricultural Education and Leadership – Truxton, Mo.
  • Maggie Pfaff – Animal Science – Chillicothe, Mo.
  • Adam Slayton – Agribusiness Management – Memphis, Mo.
  • Heather Snow – Animal Science – Columbia, Mo.
  • Kate Thompson – Agribusiness Management – Columbia, Mo.
  • Caitlyn Twellman – Agribusiness Management – Silex, Mo.
  • Mary Watt – Agricultural Education and Leadership – Green City, Mo.
  • Emilia Zacherl – Agribusiness Management – Columbia, Mo.

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