Mizzou’s recent graduates are landing jobs at spectacular rates.

According to new research from the National Association of College Employers First Destination Survey University of Missouri career rates are substantially higher than the average for similar institutions.

Image of Abby Peoples transitioning from MU student to professional employee

After Abby Peoples’ internship at Hallmark in summer 2017, the marketing major accepted a full-time position there as an associate retail product manager. Peoples will start in Hallmark’s career development program, first at headquarters in Kansas City, followed by rotations in sales, store management and a stint in e-commerce with Amazon in Seattle.

Good job, Tigers

Percentage of recent Mizzou alumni (those graduating during the 2016–17 academic year) with bachelor’s degrees who find work, continue their education, volunteer with a service organization or enlist in the military

By comparison, average rates for such outcomes among Mizzou’s peers are, by percentage:

  • 82.3 percent among research universities
  • 80.7 percent among large-enrollment universities
  • 77.7 percent among public universities
  • 75.6 percent among public universities in the Association of American Universities
  • 75.5 percent among Southeastern Conference schools
  • 74.4 percent among Association of Public and Land-grant Universities

Infographic of career outcomes among Mizzou and its peers

Who hires them

Top private firms snapping up recent graduates are, in rank order:

  1. Cerner, a health information technology firm
  2. KPMG, a global professional services firm
  3. PricewaterhouseCoopers, a global professional services firm
  4. Ernst and Young, a global professional services firm
  5. Mercy Hospital, a large midwestern health system

SHOW-ME LOVE- A greater proportion of Mizzou alumni who graduated in the 2010s have settled in Missouri (67 percent) than did alumni who graduated in the 1980s (52 percent). This is all the more remarkable because Mizzou now attracts more out-of-state students, who might be expected to return home after graduating.

How much they owe

Mizzou graduates start careers with 25 percent less college debt than the national average.

What they do

As a large land-grant university, Mizzou educates students for a variety of careers. The largest percentages of recent alumni chose the following five industries.

  • 13.7 percent work in health care
  • 7.9 percent work in education
  • 5.4 percent work in accounting
  • 5.2 percent work in financial services
  • 5.0 percent work in engineering
Where they call home

Most recent alumni launched careers in Missouri, but top regional and national cities also landed these graduates.

Map image showing where Mizzou grads live, 386 in KC, 417 in CoMo, 522 in St. Louis, 229 in Chicago, 45 in New York

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