Eureka! Motherhood

Mizzou veterinarians help a foal find an adoptive mother, and Child Development Lab kids tell us about their moms.

In our Mother's Day episode of Mizzou's podcast, Eureka!, we hear what matters most about being a mom — from the horse's mouth and from the mouths of babes.

  • Dietrich Volkmann, teaching professor of theriogenology, tells the story of a foal named Ren, whose complicated birth at MU’s Veterinary Health Center led to a happy adoption by a surrogate mare. By Dale Smith.
  • Preschoolers at Mizzou's on-campus Childhood Development Lab tell what they like most about their moms. By Erik Potter.

The University of Missouri podcast Eureka! explores real science, real discovery and real life at Mizzou and around the world. In each episode, we share stories culled from the experiences and accomplishments of Mizzou science and humanities researchers as well as students, alumni and community members.

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