Mizzou license plates

Bumper boosters

License plates take Tiger spirit on the road.

With personalized license plates, Tigers represent Mizzou every time they get behind the wheel. Through the Mizzou Alumni Association's Mizzou License Plate Program, Missouri drivers can procure personalized plates with up to six alphanumeric characters and the Mizzou logo. The additional $25 fee benefits Mizzou scholarships.

Of course, you don’t have to live in Missouri to drive like a Tiger. Take cues from these out-of-state alumni.

Florida license plat that says "4-mizzou"

4-MIZZOU, Florida

Lucas Martin, BS ’01

Lakeland, Florida
“I am a very proud alumnus. ‘MIZZOU’ was taken, so I went with the next best thing: ‘4-MIZZOU.’ Reaction varies from ‘What is a Mizzou?’ to ‘You guys have been pretty darn good.’ I have had a few people yell ‘M-I-Z!’ at me and my wife.”

Virginia license plate that says "MIZ TGR"

MIZ TGR, Virginia

Jeffry Burden, BJ ’82

Richmond, Virginia
“When I bought my convertible Solara a year ago, I decided to pay extra for a special plate with the Virginia state seal and my own personalized Mizzou message. I fairly often get waves and honks, and several
times even have gotten (somewhat) good-natured grief from Jayhawks fans.”

Alaska license plate that says "M1ZZOU"

M1ZZOU, Alaska

Beth McBride Shockey, BA ’02

San Antonio, Texas
“I have Alaska plates because I was stationed there at the time I got the car, but now I’m in San Antonio. I’d always wanted official Mizzou plates but couldn’t get them because I lived out of state. This was my next best option. Our alumni group loves it.”


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