A resource for others

A former student and now faculty member helps train future teachers.

This is a picture of Danna WrenDanna Wren was initially drawn to Mizzou in 2000. She came to get her doctorate, but ended staying for a second degree, and later to work for the university. She now serves as the director of educational technologies at Mizzou.

Wren has experienced Mizzou as both a student and a faculty member. When she was a student, it was all of the school’s resources that she loved.

“As a first-generation college student, I didn’t have many people to advise me on what it meant to be successful,” Wren said. “Mizzou provided great mentors, advisers and faculty members to ensure I had the tools I need to succeed.”

Wren has been working for Mizzou since 2005. She’s stayed in the education technologies department all that time, and now gets to serve as a resource for others. One of Wren’s responsibilities is to help train future teachers.

“I am able to give back by helping train future faculty members in good teaching techniques,” Wren said. “Some of my favorite memories at Mizzou have involved working with our faculty members every day. Their passion, excitement and acceptance of new teaching challenges is inspiring. They are interested in helping their students learn in the best way possible, and they make me proud."

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