Tap Day 2015

Tigers inducted into secret honorary societies.

The identities of the newest inductees into the University of Missouri's secret honorary societies have been revealed. At the 88th annual Tap Day ceremony in the Missouri Theatre, QEBH, Mystical Seven, LSV, Omicron Delta Kappa, Mortar Board and the Rollins Society honored new members for their service, leadership and commitment to the Mizzou community.

R. Bowen Loftin

Chancellor R. Bowen Loftin welcomes attendees to the Tap Day ceremony. Loftin later was inducted into QEBH.

Allison Fitts

Allison Fitts is revealed as a member of the Mystical Seven.

Girls holding hands.

Sequoyah Moore and Belquis Elhadi await their unveiling into LSV.

Person in hood and robe.

A QEBH member waits for the hood to be lifted.

People in hoods and robes.

QEBH members gather on stage before their identities are revealed.

People in yellow robes.

Shane Stinson announces the new members of the Mystical Seven.

R. Bowen Loftin

Chancellor R. Bowen Loftin is revealed as a member of QEBH.

Three people in yellow robes.

Elisa Glick, an associate professor of English and Women's and Gender Studies, is revealed as a Mystical Seven member, just after Donnell Young, senior coordinator of the Office of Student Conduct (right), and before Shane Epping, photographer for Mizzou Marketing & Communications.

Girls in robes clapping.

Mizzou students Sequoyah Moore, Belquis Elhadi and Tiffany Melecio applaud their membership in LSV.

Man in hood, man with beard.

Cole Lawson (left) sits with Kory Hayward, awaiting his unveiling.

Justin Cutts

Student Justin Cutts is revealed as a Mystical Seven member.

Naomi Daugherty, Mary Bifulco

Naomi Daugherty (left) congratulates Mary Bifulco, a new member of LSV as Tara Jackson waits.

Woman in robe.

A Rollins Society member is unhooded.

People in robes sitting in theater seats.

Ryan Gavin, Joy Mayer and Chris Prestigiacomo wait to be led onto the stage at the Missouri Theatre as honorary taps for Mortar Board.

Girl with hood being pulled off.

Mortar Board member Lydia Ely is revealed.

Loftin and Head.

Chancellor R. Bowen Loftin sits with Missouri Students Association President Payton Head.

People in hoods.

Members of Mystical Seven wait to take the stage.

Kristina Bradley

Kristina Bradley is revealed as a member of LSV.

Hood is lifted.

Kyle Gunby is revealed as a member of ODK.

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New Secret Honorary Society Members


  • R. Bowen Loftin, Hearne, Texas
  • Robert Boone, Lexington, Kentucky
  • Stephanie Anderson, St. Louis, Missouri
  • Alana Simpson, Ashland, Missouri
  • Chris Trunell, Bloomington, Illinois
  • Allison Watkins, Kirkwood, Missouri
  • Taylor Gadbois, Maryville, Missouri
  • Tyler Easton, Kansas City, Missouri
  • Shirin Felfeli, Kansas City, Missouri
  • Nick Akins, Wheaton, Illinois

Mystical Seven

  • Allison Fitts
  • Okey Ukaga
  • Cole Lawson
  • Kate Ryan
  • Jasmine Morgan
  • Justin Cutts
  • Alanna Diggs
  • Elisa Glick
  • Jeff Krug
  • Shane Epping
  • Donell Young


  • Mary Bifulco, Springfield, Missouri
  • Belquis Elhadi, Columbia, Missouri
  • Ashley Wineland, Blackwater, Missouri
  • Sequoyah Moore, Edmond, Oklahoma
  • Tiffany Melecio, Florissant, Missouri
  • Tara Jackson, Ashland, Missouri
  • Kristina Bradley, St. Louis, Missouri

Omicron Delta Kappa

  • Jayne Andrews, St. Louis, Missouri
  • Sara Barba, Westminster, Colorado
  • Zach Bine, St. Charles, Missouri
  • Tayrn Cadle, Eden Prairie, Minnesota
  • Luke Carden, St. Louis, Missouri
  • Shannon Dawson, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
  • Jared Dey, Smithton, Missouri
  • Laura Dyer, Kansas City, Missouri
  • Kyle Gunby, Manschester, Missouri
  • Carolyn Heger, St. Louis, Missouri
  • Jordan Hoyt, Columbia, Missouri
  • Kiersten Kuc, Chesterfield, Missouri
  • Devon Loerch, Waterloo, Illinois
  • Erin Mikel, Eureka, Missouri
  • Lizzie Nussbaum, Cape Girardeau, Missouri
  • Samantha Patten, Kearney, Missouri
  • Meg Rasche, St. Louis, Missouri
  • Mary Rudy, Platte City, Missouri
  • Alexis Schaefer, Naperville, Illinois
  • Zach Sharp, Independence, Missouri
  • Kaylyn Shinault, St. Charles, Missouri
  • Liz Skretkowicz, Lakeland, Tennessee
  • Connor Voss, Washington, Missouri
  • Audrey Wilcox, Memphis, Tennessee
  • Victoria Yu, Columbia, Missouri
  • Berkley Hudson, Columbia, Missouri
  • Brad Snow, Columbia, Missouri

Mortar Board

  • Gabriel Riekhof, Columbia, Missouri
  •  Aimee Murray, Cleveland, Tennessee
  •  Anurag Chandran, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Alexandra Beydler, Concordia, Missouri
  • Kate Hargis, Springfield , Missouri
  • Emily Cheng, Ballwin, Missouri
  • Oleksandra Gubina, Belton, Missouri
  • Emma Clawson, Hartland, Wisconsin
  • Alejandro Ayala, Saint Louis, Missouri
  • Matthew Dotson, O'Fallon, Illinois
  • Aaron Aycock, Waterloo, Illinois
  • Nathan Coffey, Wheaton, Illinois
  • Rebekah Bade, Springfield, Missouri
  • Lydia Ely, Florissant, Missouri
  • Sophie Meskis, Bourbonnais, Illinois
  • Aaron Warning, Bethalto, Illinois
  • Megan Haller, Springfield, Missouri
  • Joy Mayer, Columbia, Missouri
  • Ryan Gavin, Columbia, Missouri
  • Chris Prestigiacomo, Columbia, Missouri
  • Samantha Franks, Nixa, Missouri

Rollins Society

  • Colleen Heflin, Kalamazoo, Michigan
  • Robin Walker, Ph.D., Columbia, Missouri
  • Darren Chapman, Carthage, Missouri
  • Jennifer Cacchio, Lee's Summit, Missouri
  • Kenneth Bryant Jr., Lorian, Ohio
  • Courtney Current, Gower, Missouri
  • Brett Dinkins, Annapolis, Missouri
  • Angela Haeny, St. Cloud, Minnesota
  • Jordan Hoyt, Columbia, Missouri
  • Kara Riggs, Columbia, Ohio

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