DeeDee Folkerts

Audio transcript

For some reason I always feel awkward when I come out on stage after a performance to give a bow. I feel like they have given it all to me. The audience gives to me something that I find it difficult to imagine what I’ve given to them although I know that they’ve been entertained or moved or something. And so, when I go out it’s not like, ‘thank you, thank you for the applause.’ It’s more, ‘thank you so much for giving me the energy to do this,’ because without them sitting there and taking it in and thinking about it or laughing or crying, I don’t know how I would continue to do it. The audience feedback is so important in that way.

When I started acting, my husband has just always given me the space to explore all of the acting that I wanted to do. Even when I took one project on top of another on top of another and nearly drove myself a little crazy with everything that I was doing. He’s just always been so incredibly supportive. He knows how much it means to me and he knows that this is my creative outlet. And likewise, my children have always given me that space. So, I feel incredibly blessed that I have the support at home that I need. And I know that my family functions better even when I have the ability to be creative and to do the thing that I love to do the most.

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