Crosswalk chaos

Walking mindfully.

We've all seen and/or been one of these offenders on Mizzou's campus:

  • The pedestrian in a hurry darting in front of a moving vehicle.
  • The distracted texter obliviously meandering into the street.
  • The Frogger-inspired daredevil sprinting across four lanes on a busy road.
  • The road-hogging driver refusing to stop for pedestrians.
  • The clueless motorist blocking the crosswalk.

Don't be one of these people, Tigers. Poor street-crossing etiquette isn't just annoying; it's dangerous. Every year people walking around Mizzou get hurt in avoidable encounters with cars, buses, bicycles and other vehicles.

Pedestrian Accidents
  • 2013: 10
  • 2012: 10
  • 2011: 10
  • 2010: 13
    MU Police

Many of us learned about street-crossing safety in kindergarten or on an episode of Sesame Street, but some of us might need a refresher.

Walking Best Practices
  1. Cross at crosswalks.
  2. Look both ways before you cross.
  3. Watch for cyclists.
  4. Don’t text and walk.
  5. Don't stop to talk in a crosswalk.
    MU Office of Sustainability

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