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A year of eurekas

13 things Tigers discovered in 2013.

Mizzou researchers were busy this year. They toiled in their laboratories. They investigated in the field. They poked and probed, analyzed and scrutinized.

Here's what they found.

1. Mizzou’s own insect

Insects on a leaf
Ben Puttler in plant sciences found a previously undiscovered insect species that exclusively inhabits St. John’s wort plants at Mizzou Rec. He named it Aphis mizzou.

2. A laziness gene

Rat on a treadmill
By selectively breeding rats, Frank Booth and Michael Roberts in medicine and veterinary medicine identified specific genes that can spark or sap one’s motivation to be active.

3. A snapping turtle invasion

Snapping turtle
Snapping turtles are moving into urban areas, according to Bill Peterman in biological sciences, because their natural habitats are polluted. (Look out for mutated adolescent, martial-arts-adept turtles in sewers.)

4. An invisible force field that stops oil spills

Water drop
Jae Kwon in engineering developed a way to control and confine the movement of oily liquids in water. The technique could protect sea life from oil spills.

5. Mental illness in social media

Facebook mask
Elizabeth Martin in psychology found that Facebook activity reveals personality characteristics and psychological disorders, such as paranoia or social anxiety.

6. Meatballs that are good for you

Illustration of meatballs with one cut open reveling an orange center
Ayca Gedikoglu in food science found a way to insert healthful citrus fiber into ground-beef meatballs — without adversely affecting flavor.

7. A scientific basis for the principle of “brothers before significant others”

Guys in gold paint and costumes at a Mizzou football game
Mark Finn in anthropology was knee-deep in testosterone this year. He learned men’s testosterone levels increase during male bonding in group competition — whether watching football or fighting wars — and decrease during interaction with their friends’ wives.

8. An app that saves cows

Cows in a field
Don Spiers and his research team developed a mobile app that monitors bovine respiration and weather conditions and alerts farmers when cows are at risk for heat stress.

9. An app that saves farmers

Firemen around a turned over tractor
A. Bulent Koc and Bo Liu in agricultural systems management developed a mobile app that automatically calls for help when a tractor rolls over.

10. A treatment for meth addiction — in grapes

Grapes on a vine
Dennis Miller in psychology discovered that resveratrol, a natural compound found in colored vegetables and fruits (especially grapes), helps methamphetamine addicts control their cravings.

11. Portable X-ray power

The compact radiation source
A tiny device
made by Scott Kovaleski and his engineering research team provides a controlled source of radiation, with an on/off switch, that can be used for portable X-ray machines and scientific fieldwork.

12. A cancer treatment with no side effects

Hawthorn with president Obama
Cancer research rock star M. Frederick Hawthorne created a radiation therapy technique that targets cancer cells without harming surrounding tissue. Oh, and he also received the National Medal of Science Award from President Barack Obama.

13. The key to happiness

A happy man with arms open
Ken Sheldon and Yuna Ferguson in psychology have figured it out. Step 1: Set the intention to be happy. Step 2: Add music.

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