Mizzou's  Eureka! podcast explores real science, real discovery and real life at Mizzou and around the world. In each episode, we share stories culled from the experiences and accomplishments of Mizzou science and humanities researchers as well as students, alumni and community members. Subscribe on iTunes »

Episode 1: HIV/AIDS

Three Mizzou faculty researchers — a nurse, a social scientist and a biochemist — reach out to communities in Missouri and across the globe to fight HIV and AIDS.

Episode 2: Robots

Tigers make robot friends in corn fields, in classrooms and in ancient Hindu stories.

Episode 3: Food & Love

Three Mizzou alumni explain how knowledge of food can win over a love interest, preserve a family's heritage and protect the health of a community.

Eureka Bonus Bite: Cravings

Episode 4: Motherhood

We hear what matters most about being a mom — from the horse’s mouth and from the mouths of babes.

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