2021 Provost’s and Chancellor’s Awards announced


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Top row: Alba Argerich, Felix Fristchi, Yicheng Guo, Keith Herman, Antoinette Landor, Sarah Morefield and Leigh Neier
Bottom row: Jeimmie Nevalga, Leon Schumacher, Jeffrey Stevens, Julija Šukys, Gerald Summers and Laura Zangori


July 6, 2021

To honor the contributions of University of Missouri faculty and staff, President Mun Choi and Provost Latha Ramchand recently named 13 recipients of the 2021 Provost’s and Chancellor’s Awards winners. The recipients are:

Felix Fritschi and Julija Šukys: Chancellor’s Award for Outstanding Research and Creative Activity

This award gives special recognition to MU faculty members who are still in the developmental phases of their careers, have made outstanding contributions in research and/or creative activity and have great promise for achieving wider recognition.

Jeimmie Nevalga: Maxine Christopher Shutz Award and Lecture for Distinguished Teaching

This award is presented to a faculty member who has demonstrated extra efforts to involve undergraduates in active learning experiences and to personalize the undergraduate experience of students.

Sarah Morefield: Provost’s Award for Creative Extension Programming by New Faculty

This award recognizes faculty with a current extension assignment who have made exceptional accomplishments in their first four years of service to MU in the field of extension or continuing education.

Yicheng Guo and Laura Zangori: Provost’s Outstanding Junior Faculty Research and Creative Activity Award

This award gives special recognition to junior faculty, who are in the early phases of their careers, for superior research and creative activity on the MU campus.

Alba Argerich, Antoinette Landor and Jeffrey Stevens: Provost’s Outstanding Junior Faculty Teaching Award

This award recognizes junior faculty for superior teaching and advising on the MU campus.

Keith Herman: William H. Byler Distinguished Professor Award

This award recognizes outstanding abilities, performance and character in an MU faculty member.

Leigh Neier and Gerald Summers: Provost Awards for University Citizenship

This award recognizes MU faculty who have demonstrated exemplary university citizenship through faculty leadership or service to the MU campus.

Leon Schumacher: Provost’s Award for Leadership in International Education

This award recognizes MU faculty who have provided outstanding leadership in strengthening MU’s international dimension.

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