Homecoming captains

Meet 2022’s Homecoming tri-directors.

Published on Show Me Mizzou August 25, 2022
Photos by CJ Harris

Three student leaders guide a larger group as they bring this year’s theme to life: Let’s paint the town gold!

portrait of Chris Staley

Chris Staley

Chris Staley
St. Louis

Self-description: Silly, tender, calm

On the Homecoming theme: A fun, actionable way to spread Homecoming spirit

Favorite thing about Homecoming: Seeing the streets filled with people in the early hours the morning of the parade

Favorite class: Microbiology

Biggest surprise about college life: How little I know about cooking

Ultimate dinner companion: Gordon Ramsay

Have always wanted to: Dunk a basketball

A casual friend would never guess: I was homeschooled growing up.

First purchase after winning the lottery: A really nice grill

First crush: Taylor Swift

Obsession: Dr Pepper

Superpower I’d like to have: Teleportation

Best way to relax: On my couch watching the St. Louis Cardinals


portrait of female student

Karsen Idelman

Karsen Idelman
Wood Dale, Illinois

Self-description: Loud, independent, passionate

Why I got involved in Homecoming: The magic in the air when Homecoming rolls around — I wanted to be one of the magicians who pulls it off.

Proudest of: Coming to Mizzou knowing no one and looking back on the friendships I’ve made

Favorite class: Social media and audience strategy

Biggest surprise about college life: Dining halls aren’t that bad.

Most exciting experience: Being there when we beat LSU in 2020

Ultimate dinner companion: Betty White

A casual friend would never guess: I was a competitive dancer for 16 years.

First purchase after winning the lottery: The Mizzou football helmet cart





portrait of Matthew Rothermich

Matthew Rothermich

Matthew Rothermich

Self-description: Charismatic, driven, personable

Most challenging things about being a director: Balancing schedules and adding new spins on old traditions

Favorite class: Business and Society

Biggest surprise about college life: Your college professors are some of the nicest people you will ever meet.

Have always wanted to: Hit a hole-in-one

Glad I did it but wouldn’t do it again: Hike in Glacier National Park in snow up to my hip

I splurge on: A meal at Murry’s

First purchase after winning the lottery: G-Wagon because that is what Coach Drinkwitz drives

Biggest weakness: Ice cream

Dream job: General manager of the St. Louis Cardinals

First crush: Truman the Tiger

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