Mizzou never really leaves you

To Christopher Dade, Mizzou is family.

Chris Dade

Christopher Dade, Senior in Chemistry

Christopher Dade, senior in chemistry, sees Mizzou as more than just a university, it’s a family. Dade grew up in a tight-knit, rural community and attending Mizzou has widened his world view.

“If I could choose again, it would be Mizzou in a heartbeat,” Dade said. “My time on campus might be short, but the impact Mizzou will have on me is for life. You may be able to leave Mizzou, but Mizzou never really leaves you.”

Dade has always appreciated Mizzou for its research opportunities. Each year more than $237 million is spent funding all types scientific research. For both graduate and undergraduate students, there’s always a chance to get involved and help make new discoveries that can change lives.

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