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Mizzou student takes on Big Apple.

When Mackenzie Mattix chose textile and apparel management as her major, she never imagined she would be sitting in on a show at the pinnacle clothing design event—New York Fashion Week September 7-13, 2017.This is a picture of Mackenzie Mattix standing in a NYC intersection with the NYC skyline visible in the background

Through a partnership between IMG College Licensing and MU, Mattix visited New York with 12 other students from across the country and had the opportunity to watch the Taoray Wang show while networking with executives in the fashion industry.

Mattix, a senior from Reeds Springs, Mo., is a textile and apparel management major with an emphasis in international marketing and merchandising. After receiving an email from the head of her department that that there was an opportunity to visit New York Fashion Week, Mattix jumped at the opportunity and knew this was something she had to do.

In New York for just under three days, Mattix explored the Big Apple and met with others in the program, but the most exciting part of her trip was on Saturday when she attended fashion week events.

After hanging out in a VIP lounge filled with ornate furniture, a latte machine, mimosas and pastries, Mattix and her group headed to the Taoray Wang show, which took place in the largest runway room at the venue. With bright spotlights, thumping music and a room full of the biggest bloggers and influencers in the industry, the electricity in the air was tangible as the runway models showcased around 50 different looks.

“An executive explained it to us in a really great way,” Mattix said. “He said if you have money you can go to any concert or to any sporting event, but you can’t buy yourself into New York Fashion Week. You have to be personally invited.”

Although Mattix had attended student shows before, this was a completely new experience. Sitting shoulder to shoulder with the most important people in fashion amplified the experience and made her dream of working in the industry in New York look more like a reality.

“I’m just so incredibly grateful and crazy happy that my department chose me to represent our program and be the face of Mizzou,” Mattix said. “I’m thankful for the people who are helping me out. After seeing the positions I want to be in and seeing people work and doing the jobs I want to do, now I have such a higher drive to be there. The little fire in me is like it’s time to work. It’s time to get there.”

Textile and apparel management is a department within the College of Human Environmental Sciences.

This is a picture of Mackenzie Mattix in front of the Fashion Lab in NYC

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