London calling

Journalism student travels abroad for internship.

Oct. 11, 2017
This is a picture of Emmie Madsen

Emmie Madsen, a junior in strategic communication, says studying abroad in London over this past summer has changed her life. In London, Madsen held an internship with Grove Communication, a boutique public relations agency specializing in luxury products.

Although Madsen says at first she was apprehensive about leaving her Mizzou comfort zone for an entire semester, the time away from campus gave her the skills and experience she needed to grow.

“I learned everything from the ins and outs of working at a PR agency, how British work culture differs from America’s culture, and how to apply all of the skills I’ve learned in the J-school so far,” Madsen said. “I also gained more independence and a sense of confidence in the way Mizzou is preparing me to excel at a career in strategic communication.”

Madsen says the trip helped her grow as a strategic communication professional and that she highly recommends that students take advantage of the studying abroad opportunities Mizzou offers.

“The connections you will make, the places you’ll see, and the independence and confidence you’ll gain is irreplaceable,” Madsen said. “Interning abroad will be the best decision you make in college.”

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