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Meet #Mizzou19.

July 2, 2015

Summer at Mizzou means Summer Welcome — a campus thrumming with possibility and buzzing with incoming students who make up the class of 2019. Welcome to campus, new Tigers, and welcome to the Mizzou family. We'll see you at Tiger Walk.

Here for Summer Welcome? Tell us how it’s going! #mizzou19

A native of Marshall, Missouri, Drew Hemeyer has always been a die-hard Tigers fan. When she decided she wanted to study journalism in college, she didn’t look anywhere other than Mizzou. // Compared to her hometown, MU seemed a little overwhelming. But after spending two days on campus for Summer Welcome, she feels a lot more comfortable. “Since I’ve been here, it’s become a little smaller, more like home,” Hemeyer says. “There are a lot of resources I didn’t know about. Like at the Counseling Center; they can help you through homesickness. They bridge the gap from child to adult more than I expected. They treat it more as a transition. I like that. I feel a little bit less on my own than I thought I would.” #Mizzou19 — Words by Kelsey Allen. Photo by Nicholas Benner.

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The Boehne family, from Springfield, Missouri, are Tigers through and through. Father Greg, BS Ed ’91, and mother Tara, BHS ’91, raised son Will to carefully consider his options before making a decision — but there was little doubt he would pick black and gold. “I had three choices — Missouri State, Arkansas and Mizzou — but Mizzou was always at the top,” Will says. “It’s an open and warm environment with lots of kind people.” // As students, Greg and Tara spent time at traditional late-’80s Columbia hangouts including Harpo’s and The Shack. But some of their haunts were less traditional. “If it got late enough, I remember studying at the medical library,” Greg says. “That was harder to get into than some bars if you weren’t a health science or medical student.” “I had to sneak him in!” Tara says. “Just one of the nerdy things we did. Will is rolling his eyes like, ‘Oh my gosh — they enjoyed the library together.’ ” // Will plans to major in banking and finance at the Trulaske College of Business. He looks forward to getting settled at his new home in Mark Twain Hall, which once had a modest swimming pool before it was remodeled in 2013. “Too bad you have to come to the (MU Student Rec Complex) to swim,” says a sarcastic Greg gesturing toward Mizzou’s magnificent facility that includes four pools. “Brewer Fieldhouse had basketball courts, and I think maybe I had a racquetball class. It was nothing like today.” #Mizzou19 — Words by Marcus Wilkins. Photo by Rob Hill. A photo posted by Mizzou (@mizzou) on

Summer Welcome

Guide for new Tigers and Tiger families. Guide for new Tigers and Tiger families.

Changing Gears

Kionna Phillips Transfer students find a home at Mizzou.

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