Thomas Stovall

Audio transcript

Black History Month to me is an opportunity for the nation to acknowledge the strides of African American individuals and blacks in our society. I believe that he or she who does well is worthy of honor. It’s kind of interesting dichotomy that we have here is because to a certain degree sometimes being black isn’t as acceptable or it seems like you are the prey of America in a sense. And then there’s times where being Black is just the most motivating thing. You kind of toggle between the two feeling like ‘Man, why?’ and then you have moments where America celebrates people like Dr. Martin Luther King and you are so excited to be a black person in America. For me I’m so motivated by being a black man because there are so many other black men who are simply amazing. If you travel through America’s history, it’s littered with imprints. There’s prints of African Americans all along American society.

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