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Trulaske’s career fairs offer boundless opportunity for students entering the market.

career fair inside gymnasium
In the fall 2023, more than 250 companies came to recruit nearly 2,000 student attendees. Photo by Sam O’Keefe

Published on Show Me Mizzou Jan. 10, 2024

At Mizzou, the time-honored tradition of putting students and employers face to face at career fairs is not just surviving but thriving. The Trulaske College of Business holds both a general business fair and an accounting fair in the fall, where more than 250 companies come to recruit nearly 2,000 student attendees. Many meetings that lead to job offers and internships start here. A smaller spring fair accommodates firms that continue to recruit. Through a partnership with the Southeastern and Atlantic Coast conferences, Trulaske students also gain access online to firms along the eastern seaboard and southern U.S. 

The college’s most recent placement study shows that 94.5% of 2021–2022 graduates either were in graduate school or full-time employment within six months. That success derives in part from the so-called “soft” skills students learn through the Trulaske Edge program, says Matt Reiske, executive director of the college’s Business Career Services. “When recruiters meet our students, they can sense that broad competence,” he says. 

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