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parade in Ireland
Mizzou’s recent run of success is parade-worthy.

Published on Show Me Mizzou April 30, 2024

Todd McCubbin
Photo by Sam O’Keefe

“Victory belongs to the most persevering,” Napoleon famously declared. Given recent University of Missouri achievements, the notion strikes a deep chord in 2024. We ended the year with a grand Mizzou celebration in Arlington, Texas, one worthy of a Texas-sized Tiger Tailgate party and a Cotton Bowl win over Ohio State. The wave of Mizzou pride from that momentous day still lingers!

You can delve into the details of MU’s winning streak and cascade of good news in this issue. The successes are a testament to the unwavering commitment of our students, faculty, staff, alumni and supporters as we celebrate upticks in research grants, enrollment and student achievements. When word spread a few months ago that we’d tallied a record number of applicants for the incoming fall 2024 class, more than 700 alumni stepped up and sent personal congratulatory notes to each prospective student. We’re one of the few major universities who so successfully scales personalized alumni outreach.

Through determination and strategic planning, the university’s research projects have expanded, with expenditures surging by 75% since 2015. This growth benefits not just the university but also the whole state. Mizzou’s contributions deliver nearly 50,000 jobs, $281 million in state and local taxes and almost $1 billion in research output. 

Those numbers are worth celebrating. Oh, and let’s not forget Marching Mizzou’s triumphant journey to Ireland, where it was named Best Overall Band at Dublin’s St. Patrick’s Day Festival Parade. Or the Tiger chess team, which recently won the Pan-American Intercollegiate Championship for the first time in the event’s 78-year history. 

I’m so grateful for your continued support of Mizzou through your membership in the Mizzou Alumni Association, and we have an impressive roster of new life members to celebrate this year! I encourage you to absorb stories about your alma mater within these pages and share the Mizzou spirit with others. To quote another brilliant strategist, Cleopatra (courtesy of Shakespeare), “Thy high fame shall last!”

Todd McCubbin, M Ed ’95

Executive Director, Mizzou Alumni Association 
X (formerly Twitter): @MizzouTodd

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