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Trulaske’s master’s programs redefine what it means to be a graduate student.

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Published on Show Me Mizzou Jan. 10, 2024

Flexible. Accessible. Convenient. These were the concepts that the Trulaske leadership team had in mind when considering the future of the college’s master’s degree programs. A move to the to the virtual world, which was planned before the pandemic, has proven popular, attracting more students than ever — 250 this year — to degrees such as the accelerated Crosby MBA, the Crosby MBA and the Master of Science in finance. 

Asynchronous and easily accessible to any admitted students, these programs are redefining what it means to be a Trulaske graduate student. “The days when business students worked full time a few years, quit their jobs, then returned to Columbia to work on their MBA on campus are over,” says Ryan Murray, Trulaske’s director of graduate programs. “Students are keen to work full time, raise their families and attend graduate school. With Trulaske graduate programs, students can do it all while living anywhere in the world.”

Through the accelerated Crosby MBA program, Trulaske undergraduates with at least 90 credit hours can start taking graduate courses and begin their MBA while completing their undergraduate studies. This program saves students valuable time and money at a stage of their lives when both are in short supply. 

Although the program offers a new way to access the MBA, it doesn’t shortchange the students on knowledge and professional skill development. “There’s a misperception that online classes aren’t as rigorous and robust as in-person classwork,” Murray says. “They are. Plus, we’re evolving in-person networking events in a variety of cities, such as Kansas City, St. Louis and Denver. Prospective students, current students, alumni and corporate partners can expand their networks at these live events.” 

Trulaske master’s students can take one course at a time, a partial load or a full-time load, once they’ve been accepted and enrolled in their program of choice. As they pursue their degrees, they can earn certificates in specialty areas such as marketing analytics, supply chain management, taxation and investments.

Students who are preparing to move into finance positions can acquire the knowledge and credentials they need by completing Trulaske’s online Master of Science in finance. “The required 30 hours of coursework provide a comprehensive study of finance — not a generalist’s approach but a specialist’s knowledge,” says Michael Dorigan, assistant teaching professor. Regardless of which online program Trulaske students choose, one thing is certain: They are making a good investment in their future. 

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