Mizzou career outcomes survey continues to break records

The annual career outcomes survey shows that Mizzou students achieve their post-graduation goals.

April 17, 2023
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The University of Missouri has announced that a record-breaking 95.4% of recent Mizzou graduates have found successful career outcomes within six months of spring graduation, according to the annual career outcomes survey — a significant milestone that puts MU one year ahead of schedule for meeting career outcome goals from the Strategic Plan for Student Success.

“This 95.4% is an astounding testament to the career preparation that students receive during their education at MU,” said Mun Choi, president of the University of Missouri. “The Missouri Method works, and our students are graduating with the skills they need to be successful and positively impact the lives of Missourians and beyond.”

The career outcomes rate refers to the percentage of graduates reporting a successful outcome goal, whether that’s employment, continuing education, military duty or volunteer service. The survey, conducted in partnership with the National Association of Colleges and Employers, included data on 83.6% of graduates, a rate that compares favorably to other SEC and AAU public universities. 

“At Mizzou, we always strive to give students applicable, real-world skills that will make the transition from college to work or post-grad studies seamless,” said Jim Spain, vice provost for undergraduate studies at MU. “We are excited to see how the class of 2022, and all alumni for that matter, will continue to show their stripes and embody Mizzou excellence in their future.”

Data indicates that 1,508 employers have hired class of 2022 graduates, ranging from Fortune 100 firms to small business enterprises. MU graduates reside in 48 states, one U.S. territory and 22 countries worldwide. Furthermore, MU graduates were accepted into 247 unique institutions worldwide.

Student stories
Two photos of Kate O'Russa outside of Jesse Hall durring her freshman and senior years.

Katie O’Russa graduated last year from Mizzou with a bachelor's degree in graphic design. For O’Russa, who hails from Peoria, Illinois, a degree from MU is a family tradition — both her parents and older sister attended Mizzou.  

“I had been familiar with Columbia and the Mizzou community my whole life,” she said. “It was an easy decision to continue the legacy.”

Now, O’Russa resides in Chicago, where she works as a graphic designer for the global marketing company Epsilon, an achievement she credits to the many opportunities she was offered at Mizzou.

“I was given many opportunities outside of the usual that enhanced my career as a student,” O’Russa said. “This led me to the place I am today in my professional career.”

One opportunity that stands out for O’Russa is participating in the 2022 Visual Arts and Design Showcase, an annual art show held by Mizzou that highlights artists across disciplines and departments. 

O’Russa was awarded the grand prize for applied design, a moment that she will never forget.   “I was encouraged by my design professors to submit my project, ‘Don’t Erase Me,’ and I will always remember the moment they announced my name as the winner,” O’Russa said. 

Two photos of Raynesha Green in front of Jesse Hall durring her frehsman and senior year.

Raynesha Green, a Kansas City, Missouri, native, graduated from Mizzou with a degree in theater performance and a minor in journalism. Following graduation, Green did not stray far from campus, accepting a job as a recruitment coordinator for the MU College of Arts and Sciences, a brand-new role for the university. 

Though happy with her new position on campus, Green said the transition from undergraduate to working professional was challenging at first. It was her professors at MU who helped her finalize her career plans. 

“In efforts to refine my vision for my career, I set up meetings with different professors to discuss the different pathways I could take, and they were able to offer various resources for me to review,” Green said. “My former professor, Dr. Joy Powell, sent me the job posting for my current position. They played a huge part in preparing me for where I am today.”

In addition to their assistance in her post-grad plans, Green's close connections with MU professors as well as with her student peers, have taught her a valuable life lesson, one that she will always remember.  

“One of my biggest takeaways from attending Mizzou was the importance of establishing a community and sense of belonging,” Green said. “I can confidently say I have gained lifelong friends from college, and although it may not directly help me in my career, it has been very beneficial to me in other aspects of my life.” 

Story written by Samantha Novak

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