Something to roar about

Meet the 2021 Homecoming tri-directors.

Working within the Mizzou Alumni Association, Catherine Corley, Jackson Ptasienski and Jenna Winkler lead the steering committee in charge of Mizzou’s 110th Homecoming. The committee of 37 students has been planning a blood drive, talent show, spirit rally, parade and more, all with safety in mind. Meet the directors who are eager to welcome Tigers back to Columbia and find out what the theme “A Reason to Roar” means to them.

Catherine Corley

Catherine Corley, 20
Accounting major
Leawood, Kansas

Self-description: Tenacious, thoughtful, balanced

Involved in Homecoming because: I am a fifth-generation Tiger. Homecoming is a way to preserve my family’s legacy while bringing Homecoming to new heights.

Homecoming theme means to me: A chance for all Tigers to come together for the first time in over a year

Biggest “oops” as a director: Not using a scheduling website and instead hand sorting through all the committee members’ schedules to find a meeting time

Ultimate dinner companion: Malala Yousafzai

Can’t live without: Chicken tenders

A casual friend would never guess: I am scuba certified.

First purchase with lottery winnings: Chipotle! You can’t celebrate while you’re hungry.

First crush: Jackson from Hannah Montana

Obsession: Kombucha

Superpower I’d like to have: Teleportation

Favorite quote: “She believed she could, so she did.” — R.S. Gray


Jackson Ptasienski

Jackson Ptasienski, 21
Psychology and sociology major
Round Lake Beach, Illinois

Favorite class: Drugs and Behavior with Professor Ines Segert

Self-description: Reliable, structured, clumsy

Involved in Homecoming because: I want to give all students an opportunity to feel they are part of Mizzou’s most honored tradition.

Favorite thing about Homecoming: The community that comes together to make this incredible week happen

Biggest surprise about college life: The amount of cooking I would have to do

Ultimate dinner companion: Chef Gordon Ramsay. I would love to hear him talk about how a dish tastes and then see if I can understand where the flavors are coming from.

Can’t live without: A rice cooker

Glad I did it but wouldn’t do it again: Try a LaCroix

Biggest fear: Snakes

Would never: Let food go to waste — I was raised in a household of five boys!

First crush: Demi Lovato

I’d love to read the mind of: My 190-pound mastiff, Walter

Obsession: TikTok meal prep recipes


Jenna Winkler

Jenna Winkler, 21
Economics and marketing major
Perryville, Missouri

Favorite class: Personal Selling with Professor Wayne Keene

Involved in Homecoming because: I wanted to give back to the university for all that it has done for me.

Homecoming theme means to me: “A Reason to Roar” encompasses every reason Tigers are proud to be Tigers.

Biggest “oops” I’ve made as a director: Calling the Mizzou Alumni Association “MMA,” the wrestling organization

Biggest surprise about college life: How much coffee I can consume

Would never: Be caught wearing a Blackhawks jersey

First crush: Channing Tatum

I’d love to read the mind of: Jimmy Fallon

Obsession: Accessories. I cannot leave my house without earrings and a necklace on.

Best way to relax: Looking at houses on Zillow

Favorite quote: Psalm 118:24: “This is the day that the Lord has made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.”

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