Gardeners make community impact

Greene County Master Gardeners donate fresh grown produce to local food pantries.

Sept. 2, 2020

Maryfrances DiGirolamo and James Hilburn

Maryfrances DiGirolamo and James Hilburn

For Greene County Master Gardeners Maryfrances DiGirolamo and James Hilburn, gardening is a way to give back to their community. They use their University of Missouri Extension Master Gardener training to oversee a vegetable demonstrations garden at the Nathaniel Greene-Close Memorial Parks inside the Springfield Botanical Gardens.

Last year, Greene County Master Gardeners donated more than 1,800 pounds of produce to local food pantries. This year, Hilburn and DiGirolamo have raised more than 1,250 pounds of produce for donation.

“Being able to donate food to the food pantries is one of the drives that keeps Maryfrances and I going,” Hilburn said. “We know that the food we turn out is going somewhere where it’s needed.”

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