Truman the super fan

Senior Truman Kinsey was born to be a Tiger.

Kinsey is a fisheries and wildlife management major from Cape Girardeau. His mother, older brother and sister-in-law all graduated from Mizzou. When it came time for Kinsey to apply for college, he only had to send in one application.

Four years later, and Kinsey’s love for Mizzou has only grown stronger. During his sophomore year, Kinsey decided not to miss a single Mizzou football game. He stuck to it, spending countless hours at Faurot Field cheering from the front rows of the student section, usually wearing a wacky costume and covered in body paint.

Picture of Truman Kinsey in the student section at Faurot, Kinsey is wearing a black and gold face mask and body paint and is dangling keys for the third down.

Kinsey, a senior in fisheries and wildlife management, is a standout at Mizzou Football games. He has not missed a game since his freshman year.

That year Kinsey’s dedication to the team was recognized and Tiger’s Lair, the official student cheering section, gave him his first Fan of the Game trophy. He would receive the honor again during his final game as a Mizzou student.

“On my last game as student, Tiger’s Lair leadership decided to bestow that honor on me for a final time in the closing minutes of the last game,” Kinsey said. “There were a lot of tears, but so many smiles and so much love for this university.”

As someone who’s always proudly identified as a Mizzou super fan, Kinsey’s senior year has been bittersweet.

“I would tell any new students to love and enjoy your time at Mizzou,” Kinsey said. “It’s been the best four years of my life. My best friends and favorite memories have all come from the student organizations at Mizzou.”

Though his time as a student is coming to an end, Kinsey will never stop cheering for Mizzou.

Picture of Truman the mascot with Truman the super fan.

During the final home game, Kinsey was elected as the "Fan of the Game." He says he will never stop cheering for Mizzou.

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