A Tiger from afar

Mizzou alumna has loved the school her whole life.

This is a head shot of Lexi Wolkow

A 2014 graduate, Wolkow now works at MU Adventure Club

Even though Lexi Wolkow grew up in South Dakota, she never considered going to any school other than Mizzou. Some of her earliest memories are watching Mizzou women’s basketball games with her grandparents, who lived in Columbia for many years and were avid Mizzou fans. Her dream of attending Mizzou came true, and she graduated with her bachelor’s in elementary education in 2014.

Wolkow couldn’t have asked for more from Mizzou during her undergraduate and post-graduate years. She spent her time learning about things she cared about from professors who truly cared about her. After her first year of teaching didn’t go as planned, Mizzou was there to help and she found a new way to use her love of kids and teaching. She now works at MU Adventure Club, an enrichment-based before-and-after school program, as a site facilitator at Russell Boulevard Elementary.

“This is the Mizzou that I know and love,” Wolkow said. “The one that has shaped and molded me for the better part of eight years and continues to do so daily, makes me feel loved and encourages me to continue to grow, and challenges me to be my best self.”

Wolkow is thrilled to be able follow in her grandfather’s footsteps and work with Mizzou. She would tell all prospective students to take a chance.

“Come to Mizzou. It’s a family when yours is far away and home when you can’t get back to where you’re from,” she said.

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