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Mizzou secret honorary societies induct new members during Tap Day ceremonies.

Tap Day recognizes students who excel in academics and campus involvement as inductees into the University of Missouri's secret honorary societies. On the 89th annual Tap Day ceremony in April, QEBH, Mystical Seven, LSV, Omicron Delta Kappa, Mortar Board and the Rollins Society honored new members for their service, leadership and commitment to the Mizzou community. Students are "tapped" into one of the six secret societies prior to the ceremony and are officially inducted during Tap Day festivities. Many of the societies select staff and faculty members as honor taps. These university faculty and staff members are selected based on the impact that they have on students and how they embody the aspect of the society. All taps are were revealed to a crowded Jesse Auditorium on Friday, April 22.


Junior Tiana Glass was inducted into LSV at MU's 89th Tap Day celebration on April 22, 2016. LSV is an all-women society dedicated to promoting and improving the status of women. Prior to being revealed, the women tapped into this society spend the entire school year volunteering in the community for issues that directly affect women. Before being tapped, Glass was active in the MU Vagina Monologues, the Women's Center and various other organizations.


Aaric Doyle-Wright, a St. Louis native is revealed as a member of Mystical 7, Mizzou's second-oldest secret society. Each year the organization taps seven outstanding juniors as well as outstanding faculty and staff members on campus, which are known as honor taps.


Shane Stinson, BA '15, leads the newest Mystical 7 taps into Jesse Auditorium on April 22, 2016.

Mortar Board on stairs

Mortar Board members wait in the stairwells of Jesse Hall to be revealed.


Mortar Board taps prepare to enter Jesse Auditorium.


Mortar Board members Ryan Gavin and Charlie Koors lead the newest taps onto the stage of Jesse Auditorium to be revealed.


LSV taps waiting to be revealed show support for one another.


Mystical 7 members Sean Joy (left), Kory Hayward (center) and Shane Stinson (right) stand at allegiance as the National Anthem is played to begin the 89th Tap Day Ceremony.


Vice Chancellor for Cathy Scroggs gives remarks to the crowd in Jesse Auditorium.


Former Mizzou football coach Gary Pinkel is revealed as an honor tap for QEBH. Pinkel coached at MU for 15 years. He retired last fall as the winningest coach of all-time at MU, with an overall record of 118-73.


Atlanta, Georgia, native Reuben Faloughi was tapped into Rollins Society, which recognizes graduate students. The society was founded in 1994.


Hank Foley and Missouri Students Association president Sean Earl share a moment on stage during the 89th Tap Day celebration.


Ben Daniels, QEBH member


An ODK tap patiently waits to be revealed.


An LSV tap dons Converse shoes with purple shoe strings. Each year the women being tapped into this society spend a year serving their community before being revealed. The taps all wear matching shoes to symbolize their connection to one another and the society they are being tapped into.


A QEBH member waits in the audience.


Farah El-Jayyousi peers out into the crowd in Jesse Auditorium as she waits to reveal the newest members of LSV.


Newest taps of Omicron Delta Kappa (ODK).


Tiffany Melecio (back) reveals Veronike Collazo (front) as one of the LSV taps.


Jordan Hoyt waits to reveal Rollins Society members.


Honor tap Jose Gutierrez is revealed.


Rollins Society taps.


An LSV member matches her fingernails to her new society.


Brittany Savage, newest Mystical 7 tap, smiles with loved ones after the 89th Tap Day ceremony.



Missouri Students Association president Sean Earl gives closing remarks to the crowd in Jesse Auditorium.

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