Surviving an active shooter

MUPD releases training video for student safety.

The University of Missouri Police Department (MUPD) has created an active shooter training video as a proactive effort to increase awareness and prepare the campus community should an active shooter situation occur on campus. The video emphasizes having situational awareness, creating a plan and enacting the plan should there be an active threat at MU. The video does this by focusing on the “Run. Hide. Fight.” campaign, which is trademarked by the City of Houston.

“Training and preparation increase chances of survival,” says April Colvin, MUPD patrol lieutenant. “Education and training from the video will assist community members in establishing their own personal plans. Situational awareness, or being aware of what is going on around you and having a plan and then using that plan to take action can aid you greatly in an active shooter situation.”

The active shooter training video is intended to increase the number of people on campus who are trained for an active threat.

“We all hope that this type of situation never happens at our university, but preparing our campus community for such an emergency will help keep this from happening or minimize the impact of an active shooter if it does happen,” MUPD Police Chief Doug Schwandt says. “Community policing is a powerful tool, and we want to ensure that everyone who comes to our campus has the tools to remain safe.”

Students, staff and faculty also can take advantage of additional training opportunities offered by MUPD. A course called Citizens Response to Active Threats is free of charge to anyone affiliated with the university. The program can be tailored to fit any particular group’s needs and offers in-depth knowledge and hands-on elements on how to deal with an active threat on campus.

For more information on training opportunities offered by MUPD, contact April Colvin at

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