Summer Welcome

A guide to getting started, for new Tigers and Tiger families

Students sitting on stairs outside.

For New Tigers

Every summer Mizzou greets our newest Tigers with Summer Welcome, two-day sessions of orientation, advising, registration, placement testing and ice-breaking/friend-making undertakings. It's like a mini sampler platter of Mizzou student life.

Tell us how it's going! #mizzou19

Students on a bench.

Students make new friends during Summer Welcome.

Students sitting at a table.

New Tigers compare schedules.

Students eating ice cream.

Summer Welcome students try Mizzou's own Tiger Stripe ice cream.

Summer Welcome Basics

Getting Around

Undergraduate Admissions

Courses & Registration

Tackling Terminology

Placement Tests






Casey Diebold

Casey Diebold, people person.

Meet New Tigers!

Transfer students find a home at Mizzou



Taylor Henderson

Taylor Henderson, opportunity seeker.

Fresh(man) Faces

Meet #Mizzou19


Family eating in a dining hall.


For Tiger Families

Summer Welcome isn't just for new students. Parents and other guests are part of the Mizzou family. Get a feel for Mizzou through orientation activities, shared dining hall meals and question-and-answer sessions. Our campus, a designated botanic garden, is a relaxing, friendly place in the summer. Take time to smell the roses.

Student eating with parents.

Mother and daughter.


Summer Welcome Basics

Getting Around

A Place for Parents

Tackling Terminology


Guides for Visitors



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